En18 material Chemical Composition

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En18 is more responsive to mechanical and heat treatment than carbon steel. En18 Round barstempered at 575°C at 220° C sequentially for 60 min each. An En18 material chemical composition bar is widely used in the field of vehicle, ship, airplane, weapons, the guided missile, railway, pressure, bridges. En18 round bar have 1% chromium and is heat treated for making a product like front vehicle axles, Front Axle beam, Axle Journals, Steering component. En18 material chemical composition include 0.35~0.45, si: 0.10~0.35, Mn:0.60~0.95, Cr: 0.90 ~1.20, P:<0.035, S<0.30. It is very essential used as a connector between pipes in the middle.

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